The benefits of working with us:

Individual approach

We will select a manager for you who will be responsible for the development of the project and communication between you and the team

Modern technologies

Websites developed by us use modern advanced technologies

Result Oriented

We improve the design and structure of the web product until the customer is satisfied with it

Service Guarantee

We are responsible for the quality of the developed web product and will correct any errors

Monitoring and analytics

We track project positions in search, traffic and other relevant data using a convenient and easy-to-use web interface

Transparent pricing policy

Transparent prices and detailed budget estimates for any project

Our services

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A business website is a website that usually consists of 5-10 pages and introduces users to the business and the services that the business provides. Typical pages for such a website:
  • About. It displays the history of the company, its goals and achievements;
  • Services. The page describes the company services with a detailed description and possible costs;
  • Contacts. In addition to the physical address, phone number, and email, this website section may contain maps and information about the company founders;
  • Works/Portfolio. Here the user can get acquainted with already completed projects, and learn even more details and characteristics of successful projects.

With IST Group you will get a professional website that will present your business in a quality manner and attract new orders!

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The landing page is a one-page website that aims to increase brand awareness and attract specific leads for a service/product. This type of digital product significantly expands a customer base by collecting contact information about them. By ordering a landing page from us, you will receive:
  • Your brand awareness increases. Landing pages focus the user's attention on the product, describing it in detail;
  • Simple lead generation. Clear calls to action (CTA) and a well-thought-out structure will engage the end-user and convince them to share their contact details;
  • Promotion in search results. Be on top of search results among the target audience with our SEO algorithm settings that will allow you to stand out from the competitors.
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E-commerce is expanding more and more every year. In a good e-shop, you can quickly find the product you need and order it in two clicks. Do you have a marketplace or do you work for yourself? In any case, we will create a clear and stylish online store for you, which will include, but not be limited to:
  • Homepage. Providing the details of the online store, it also shows information about promotions, popular products, and newcomers;
  • Catalogue. Section with a list of products. The products can be divided into categories or collections. Special attention in this section is paid to filters that will allow the customer to focus on products that they are interested in;
  • Product Card. When we want to know more details, we come here. The product card should contain detailed (and up-to-date!) information about the product and a clear call to purchase the product;
  • Product Cart. A list of items the customer wants to buy;
  • Checkout. Have you decided to change the order? What mail do you want to receive the parcel? When would you like to pay for the order? All this can be solved in this section.

Also, an e-shop can have testimonial pages, a blog, a forum, usage services, and much, much more. Contact us, and we will help you find out what you need!

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A corporate website is the face of a company on the Internet. It should match the style of the business and have a clear structure to stepwise introduce users to the company, its history, services, etc. The company acquires brand recognition, expands its customer base, increases the existing customers' loyalty, and attracts new employees. Like a business website, a corporate one lists the company's services/products but provides even more information and opportunities for potential customers. This digital product is the solution for large businesses that can meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

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Software as a service is a powerful tool in company management, performance analysis, and revenue analysis. It reduces the paperwork and the likelihood of errors. Depending on the features of your business, different SaaS systems will help to see the processes in the company in detail and pay precise attention to weaknesses, thus raising profits. SaaS systems created by us solve the following tasks:
  • data visualization;
  • progress reports;
  • project management, branches, large groups of people;
  • customization for the type of business.
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Plug-and-produce websites should be developed by experienced developers instead of freelance amateurs who can have cheaper payment rates but can turn projects into non-earning assets at best and loss of hundreds of dollars in the worst case.

Cost-cutting attempts

Outdated design, not properly thought through website structure, invalid code with bad practices and following reputation losses, additional cost, and search for other developers are the result of unnecessary cost-cutting attempts.

Qualitative website

That’s why IST. Group proposes website development, when quality meets price instead of searching for developers who may offer cheaper payment rates but are unable to create a qualitative website with necessary functionality.

Our workflow

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