In what cases you should order migrating to a new CMS

  • Slow site speed

  • Frequent lack of access to the resource

  • Noticeable deterioration of the services provided by the hoster

  • Overestimation of the cost of services offered by the hoster in relation to the provided functionality

  • Frequent lack of communication with the hosting manager

  • Poor quality service of your resource provider

What is necessary for site migrating?

  • First of all, the contractor will need to provide access to the old hosting. This way, experts will be able to access all the necessary information for the transfer.
  • Then the business owner will need to provide the contractor with access to the domain name settings. This will allow the domain to be reconfigured to the new hosting.
  • The last thing the experts need during the transfer is to provide the client's email address and phone number. Thus, they will be able to create a resource that is fully owned by the business owner.

How is the migrating performed

The process of transferring an Internet resource consists of several stages and includes:

  • getting access

  • creating backup copies of data and the site itself

  • hosting pre-configuration process

  • completion of the migration process error correction

It should be noted that before starting the above procedures, the site owner is advised to carefully plan the time of work. It is recommended to be done at night or on holidays when the resource is visited by the least number of users. Performing the migration during this period will allow to minimize the level of financial losses.


Why you should trust work to professionals

There are several reasons why this process should be entrusted to professionals. These include:

  • ensuring a minimum interruption in the work of the site
  • saving and synchronizing all data
  • providing quality assurance and correcting all errors
  • it will take more than 1 day to complete the work
  • providing assistance in choosing the best hosting based on location and analyzing competitors’ prices

Moreover, professionals are always worried about their reputation. Therefore, contacting them for help guarantees complete confidentiality and security of personal data.


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