What procedures doest the search audit include

The search engine audit process involves highly qualified specialists and programmers who are able to fully determine the current flaws of the site and suggest ways to correct them. In this case, the procedure itself includes the following operations:

  • analysis of the structure of a web resource, during which experts determine the fullness of the site, the quality of navigation and its competent compilation, as well as the correctness of the portal as a whole
  • checking the code for errors, which allows to determine the reasons that impede the possibility of promoting a resource in search engines
  • content quality assessment, including a full analysis of the articles used in blogs or to describe goods and services, the uniqueness of images and a search engine optimization check
  • the formation of a semantic core, which implies determining a list of frequently used search phrases and checking their presence on the selected Internet portal
  • analysis of visibility in relation to queries, including site assessment with a position check when entering a specific search hot key phrase most often used by users
  • verification of the link mass, which implies the analysis of all links used by the resource, including external and internal, as well as the analysis of the used anchors
  • analysis of optimization errors, which includes checking the availability of texts necessary to promote a site in search engines for certain queries
  • audit of competitors’ web resources and their promotion and optimization methods

After all the above work is completed, the customer will be provided with a detailed report, which will indicate the current shortcomings of the site, the most effective ways to optimize work, as well as recommendations for the design of each individual page and specific sections. In addition, the report will provide accurate information about competitors, their sites and the amount of funds used by competitors to promote their own resources and place advertisements in search engines and social networks.

Based on the above information, business owners will also be provided with a list of recommendations for increasing the volume of the audience attracted, aimed specifically at purchasing goods and services.


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